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Robert Turo

Robert Turo Detroit CCW InstructorRobert have been involved in firearms training since he was a teenager (long before he was even allowed to carry). As one of the youngest instructors in the state, he prides himself on bringing a fresh, modern approach to firearms safety instruction and personal defense. He doesn’t focus on one “correct” method of training, shooting, or style. He has worked in the firearms industry and have had extensive experience with several makes and models of firearms, allowing him to give real unbiased opinions on various options on the market. He prides himself on being an approachable, understanding, and honest instructor and enjoys spending most of his time working with students new to the firearms world and making them “gun people”. There is a lot to learn in each and every class, and even as an instructor, he is still learning (most often from his students). His goal for students is to take home something that they may not have known that will potentially save their life and to get them on the road to becoming a better and safer shooter.

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