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Overview of the Complete Process of Applying for and Receiving a Michigan Concealed Handgun License

Step 1: Complete a qualifying course

The state law requires the applicant complete a qualifying course. All the classes we teach meet those requirements.

Step 2: Apply With County Office

Upon Completion of the necessary course as required by law, the student must take his certificate of completion to the clerk’s office of the county they reside, submit an application, and pay the $100 application fee. These applications are available in hard copy at the clerk’s office or the student may print a blank copy online and fill out prior to going to the county clerk. It should be noted that all signatures on the application are required to be done in the presence of the county clerk. The applicant will then be given instructions to have their finger printing completed. There they will receive a receipt which will serve as an application receipt.

Depending on the county, some clerk’s offices will have a fillable form available on their website. The applicant would then be able to schedule an appointment to go in. Usually the county clerk will have the completed application printed out so the applicant can sign and pay his/her fees in order to get the process started.

Contact your county office to get more specific instructions.

Step 3: Wait for Background Check to be Completed

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