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4 Bills with One Mission for Michigan: Constitutional Carry

Michigan Constitutional Carry

This has definitely been a busy year for Constitutional Carry in the United States. Following the Republican trifecta gained by the federal government in November as well as 25 full Republican-controlled state governments, many lawmakers see the time as being perfect to push through pro-gun legislation in the state houses.

This is exactly what Michigan has in mind, as well with House bills 4416, 4417, 4418, and 4419. Combined, these bills create what would be a first for the state, full Constitutional Carry.

Michigan has a complicated set-up for what is and isn’t legal with regards to carry. Open carry without a license is legal (except in areas where firearms are prohibited), but concealed carry without a permit is illegal. If you are openly carrying while in your car, that is considered concealed carry according to current state law. State Representative Michelle Hoitenga, one of the sponsors of these bills has made it apparent that it is regulations like this that are problematic and need to be done away with.

“It only becomes illegal when someone puts on a coat, because the gun then becomes concealed,” Hoitenga said. “One millimeter of clothing makes a difference between a criminal act and a legal act. My question is, why are law abiding citizens paying expensive fees for courses and permits to exercise their constitutional right to bear arms?”

However, there is currently resistance to the bills and not just from the typical anti-gunners out there. The Fraternal Order of Police for Michigan also has an issue with Constitutional Carry, claiming that the current 8 hours of safety classes in order to procure a concealed carry permit are necessary for Michiganders and the safety of the general populace.

These arguments and likely many more are destined to roll on as the bill begins its movement through the State House and, perhaps some day, to Governor Snyder’s desk.

What do you think? Should Constitutional Carry be fully allowed in Michigan or should concealed carry classes still remain a necessary part of gun ownership in the state? Let us know in the comments below.


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