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Story of a Flint Man who Died Defending his Home

Michigan Shootout Death

Back in July, news broke of a shootout in Flint between homeowner Al Ballard and five teenage criminals who invaded his home in the early morning hours. Now, the community still reels from this shocking event.

For those unaware of what transpired that night five individuals had hatched a plan to invade 63-year-old Ballard’s home while he and his wife Janice slept. Janice in her bed on the second floor, Al on the couch downstairs.

A little before 5:00 AM, the teens made their move and one pointed a gun at Al demanding all of his money. The criminal then decided to make off with the home’s TV while three others moved up to the second-floor bedroom where they found Janice.

One of the teenagers hit Janice in the face with the butt of a pistol and again demanded all of the money that she had.

As this was happening, Al had moved from his sofa to the kitchen in order to discreetly grab his own pistol that he kept in a cupboard in the kitchen.

After the teenager who left with the TV came back into the house, he saw Al grabbing his pistol and quickly ran away. Al then moved upstairs to deal with the three who were with his wife and upon finding them, Al shot one of the teens in the chest sparking a shootout that involved several gunshots. Unfortunately, one of the shots struck Al in the arm, where the bullet traveled up and into his chest, proving to be fatal.

The rest of the criminals fled the scene in their car, crashed, and caused one to be hospitalized.

The funeral service has taken place for Al who is survived by his wife, Janice, whom he saved in giving his life, as well as 3 children and 7 grandchildren. And the community outreach was incredible for this well-respected member of the local Friendship Missionary Baptist Church.

What do you think of Al’s heroic story? Is your home prepared to take on a threat like he faced? Would you have done anything differently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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