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Detroit CPL Holder Performs The Exact WRONG Sort of Defensive Gun Use

Dearborn Heights Michigan Bad DGU

Normally on we will tell you stories that the media usually will not touch on that prove just how useful a well-trained law-abiding armed citizenry can be. Every day there are stories of self-defense shootings all across the country in which lives are saved by guns but to be fair and balanced, sometimes concealed carriers make mistakes and we feel it is important to tell these stories so that everyone else can learn and make sure not to repeat them.

This story comes out of Dearborn Heights and involves a lawful Detroit CPL holder and his overreaction that has landed him in jail, perhaps for a very long time.

On Friday night, December 8th a Detroit man was in his home when he saw someone approach his front door and grab a package which had been left out front. This person certainly wasn’t the mailman because he was more interested in taking off with the package rather than leaving it for its rightful owner to claim.

Now, obviously, thievery is wrong and we in no way support this criminal’s actions, but the homeowner’s reaction to this theft was far worse than the petty crime committed.

After the thief made off with the homeowner’s package, the Detroit man decided to follow the thief, but he did so with his Concealed Carry Firearm.

The homeowner tailed the criminal for a while before the thief stopped in a Dearborn Heights party supply store at West Warren Avenue and Rockdale St. There the thief went into the store and the homeowner sat in his SUV and waited for him to walk out. 

When the small-time crook did exit the party store he was immediately met by a hail of gunfire from the homeowner. According to eyewitness reports, the homeowner had struck the crook at least once before standing over him and holding him to the ground until the police showed up.

And show up the police did, but the homeowner did not get the gratitude for catching a criminal that he expected. Instead, after he told the police he had his concealed weapon on him, the homeowner was disarmed, handcuffed, and thrown in the back of a squad car while his victim was taken off in an ambulance.

At this point, it is early on in the investigation. It has not been announced whether or not the thief even had a weapon on him to begin with, but what is clear to the police and should be clear to everyone else, is that the actions of this homeowner are just not the way to handle a situation like this.

Even in a case that trouble finds you, going out to try and take the law into your own hands is a surefire way to be locked up right alongside the criminal you were trying to subdue. The police are paid to handle situations like this. Your role as a concealed carrier is to be a defender and protector of you and yours. Do not try to play secret agent or cop. You not only hurt yourself and your future, but you tarnish the name of other concealed carriers all around the country. Like I said at the beginning of this article, there are stories the media doesn’t touch on but you can be assured that they will pounce on any situation that a gun owner makes a mistake like this. Remember that if you are ever in a situation where things get heated and you feel you have to try and play James Bond.

What do you think of this story? Do you believe that a Guardian is just there to defend or do you think this carrier did the right thing by following down and firing upon this thief? Let us know in the comments below.

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