Citizen Arrested for Shooting Man Attacking His Wife

Vassar Township, Michigan — A Bay City man is in jail pending an investigation for a shooting his lawyer says was in defense of a woman being attacked by her husband.

According to Tuscola County Sheriff’s Office, on July 4th at around 11:32 p.m. deputies were dispatched to a residence located on Brown Road in Vassar Township for a call about a man attacking his wife.

Before deputies could arrive, law enforcement officials say 21-year-old Trevor Payne witnessed 38-year-old Trevor Betzing attack his wife. Payne ran to his vehicle where he kept what the Sheriff’s Office called a, “… shotgun pistol 20 gauge” and shot Betzing onece in the head.

Then Payne fled the scene and hid nearby.

When deputies arrived, they began administering first aid to the wounded man until paramedics arrived to take him to Covenant Hospital in Saginaw with significant injuries.

A quick search of the area revealed Payne hiding in the bushes. He was immediately arrested and was originally placed on $100,000 bond but prosecutors asked it to be increased to $250,000 since it is believed this is nearly a homicide.

He was charged today (July 8th) with 8 felonies which includes attempted murder. Payne has entered a not guilty plea for the shooting, maintaining he acted in defense.

While Payne’s friends and family agree he acted in defense of his co-worker, prosecutors say shooting wasn’t warranted as Betzing was not in the process of attacking his spouse at the time he was shot in the head.

“Information that we’ve received during this investigation: there was no active assault and battery occurring during the time his firearm was discharged,” the prosecutor said.

Jason Gower, Payne’s defense attorney however, said his client was acting in defense of Mrs. Betzing:

“Our investigation indicates that the real victim in this was the alleged victim, the wife who was being choked at the time that this gunshot went off,” Gower said.

“What transpired is an individual took a loaded shotgun, a short hand loaded shotgun, pointed it at another human being that was unarmed and discharged that at a person’s head at a very close range. This case obviously could’ve been and should’ve been a homicide,” WNEM reports the prosecutor said.

Gower went on to say that his client is very scared and regretful over the events that transpired as he didn’t intend on killing anyone.

“His intent, his only intent, was to defend the life of another, not commit a murder,” Gower said.

A hearing to find probable cause has been set of July 17th.

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  1. Ann on August 16, 2019 at 9:20 am

    The “victim,” that resembles a human incredible hulk, got to his feet seconds after being shot, was in a rage asking “who the f$#k shot me”. I don’t know about anyone else, but I would be booking it, scared for my life that this “hulk-like” man was coming after me and was going to kill me AFTER BEING SHOT!. The shooter was hiding from the “victim” not law enforcement.
    For more of an accurate account of what transpired, that is public knowledge this far, look up the MLive article from court proceedings dated 8-14-19.

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