Man Shot After Robbing Teacher, and Breaking into Home

Photo: Flint Michigan PD

Flint, Michigan – A man was shot after he robbed an elementary schoolteacher, then broke into a nearby home.

According to Flint Police Department, officers were dispatched to a residence where the 911 caller told dispatchers they had shot someone trying to break in and were holding the invader at gun point in the home.

When police arrived at the scene located in the 1000 block of Garden St., they discovered 30-year-old Jacob Sword being held by homeowners armed with a firearm. The victims said they heard someone trying to break into their home, then discovered the suspect attempting to force his way in through the back door with a knife in his hand.

The same knife law enforcement officials say Sword used to rob a schoolteacher at Eisenhower Elementary a short time before, after students had already gone home for the day.

Sword sustained non-life-threatening injuries from being shot by the homeowners and was taken to the hospital for treatment. He was then arrested on charges of armed robbery, 1st degree home invasion, and assaulting, resisting, and obstructing police.

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