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Coloma Man Acquitted of Murder in Defensive Shooting Case

Michigan DGU Shooting Acquittal

Back on May 1st of this year, 23-year-old Derrick Bailey and his girlfriend Jade Roy were out for a drive in Benton Township when the couple came to a stop at the cross streets of Red Arrow Highway and Benton Center Road when a man by the name of Nicholaus King began running towards them. What happened next altered 3 lives in an instant.

As King approached the car he smashed his hands on the hood and then pointed to Bailey who was in the passenger seat of Roy’s car and shouted: “I’m going to f—ing kill him,”. He then continued his tirade by shouting his expletive-filled threats at Derrick Bailey while approaching his passenger door.

Then, according to Bailey’s statement in court, Nicholaus King managed to open the passenger door of the car, whereupon he began punching Derrick. It was at that moment Derrick pulled his concealed pistol and shot King 3 times, killing him.

In the aftermath of the shooting, however, Bailey was not in the clear by a long shot. First of all, the concealed pistol that he was carrying was not permitted as he did not have the proper paperwork, and despite a bill for permit-less carry passing the Michigan House earlier this year, it is still not allowed in the state.

The other and much more serious charges against Bailey including first and second-degree murder as well as manslaughter. The arguments from prosecutors boiled down to the couple’s ability to drive off and escape the situation before it reached its bloody climax. 

As for the defense, it was a pretty simple and effective when defense attorney Carl Macpherson stated to the jury that Derrick Bailey was the victim of a violent, sudden attack and that the defendant…

“Had two choices. He could choose to live or choose to die. He chose to live,”

And with that, along with the evidence seen by the jury, Derrick Bailey was acquitted of all charges stemming from the case, save for his carrying concealed without a permit charge.

So the moral of the story seems to be if you feel your life is in danger, it is your right to defend it but if you’re going to use a concealed carry pistol, make sure you have a concealed carry permit.

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