Woman Shot in Self-Defense

  A woman was shot and killed while trying to run down two other women with her car. According to Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, 48-year-old Angela McDuell was in an argument with two women outside a liquor store at Hayes and Fordham on April 22. McDuell, who was reportedly in a relationship with one of…

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.44 Magnum Home Defense

A 59-year-old woman who lives near Eight Mile Rd. defended her family from intruders at around 1030 a.m. Wednesday. The unidentified woman said at first one of the men had tried to get her to open to the front door, banging on it for her to answer. But some thing didn’t seem right to the…

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Fight Over Rifle Ends Badly for Intruder

A dispute between a man and his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend resulted in one of the men being shot. According to Kalkaska County Police, a 26-year-old man from that county went to the residence of his ex-girlfriend where she lived with her current, 23-year-old, boyfriend on Saturday at around 9 p.m. After a presumed confrontation the current…

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Woman Shoots Intruder While On Her Way to Church

  A criminal is dead in Detroit today after he chose to target the wrong women. According to police, A 55-year-old mother and her 29-year-old daughter were preparing to head to church with a 75-year-old unidentified woman, when they were stopped outside their home on the way to their vehicle. They were approached by a…

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Detroit CPL Holder Performs The Exact WRONG Sort of Defensive Gun Use

Michigan DGU Shooting Acquittal

Normally on ConcealedCarry.com we will tell you stories that the media usually doesn’t touch on that prove just how useful a well-trained law-abiding armed citizenry can be. Every day there are stories of self-defense shootings all across the country in which lives are saved by guns but to be fair and balanced, sometimes concealed carriers make mistakes and we feel it is important to tell these stories so that everyone else can learn and make sure not to repeat them.

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Greenleaf Township Shootout Leaves Two Home Invaders Dead

Greenleaf Township Michigan DGU

Most Michiganders probably couldn’t tell you where the tiny Greenleaf Township is. (It’s in the Northwest corner of Sanilac County FYI) However, now, the small town of fewer than 1,000 people has been pushed into the state spotlight after a home invasion turned gunfight that left two criminals dead.

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Highland Park Man Defends Himself from Gas Station Shooting with His Own Gun

Highland Park Michigan Shooting

Imagine you spot somebody in a gas station parking lot that you wanted to strike up a conversation with. Maybe it’s an old buddy, maybe it’s someone with a bumper sticker you thought was funny and wanted to talk about it with. Now imagine this everyday chat being interrupted by a sneak attack of gunfire. A terrible thought, no? Well that is exactly what happened to a Highland Park man in the early morning hours of October 21.

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